• How to calculate percentages in Excel

    In this video we cover everything percentages, being the go to guide for all of your essential percentage calculations.
  • Quickly Reorder Columns Using Excel VBA

    In this video we continue from our last tutorial in which we used a VBA array to transpose some source data, this video demonstrates how a few extra lines of code will allow you to quickly reorder your columns as required.
  • Quickly and Easily Transpose Data with Excel VBA

    In this video we demonstrate how to quickly and easily transpose data using Excel VBA...
  • Working with Charts in Power BI

    In this video we take a look at Charts in Power BI and the features we have available. Once you grasp the basics of working with Charts you will see how easy they are to create within Power BI.
  • Working with Numbers in Power BI

    In this video we take a look at working with number inside table visuals.
  • Working with Data Tables in Power BI

    In this video we look at how you can use data tables in Power BI to display and summarise your data.
  • How to Connect Multiple Data Sources in Power BI

    In this video we introduce working with multiple data sources in Power BI (in this example from Excel) and demonstrate how to connect each of these sources to form a larger dataset for reporting... best part is Power BI can do this automatically for you!
  • Introduction to Power BI... and Why You SHOULD Start Using!

    Welcome to Power BI!!
  • Excel VBA - Open Userform with 'Before Double Click' Change Event!

    This video serves as part two of our previous video looking at creating your first Userform.
  • Create Your FIRST Userform for Data Entry (Excel VBA)

    In this video we create our FIRST Userform using VBA.
  • Excel VBA - Run Macro When User Closes Workbook!

    Continuing our look at change events I wanted to complete the cycle by including this look at how to trigger a macro to run each time a workbook is closed.
  • Excel VBA - Create Audit Trail Log

    Pulling on some of the techniques learnt in previous videos within our Excel VBA series, we create an Audit Trail Log that enables us to capture both the username and date / time for every user that saves our file.